Nextron offers servers with high-performance storage solutions at competitive prices

Nextron is a supplier of servers, workstations and storage systems.

Our mission is to offer systems that are in the forefront of technology, computing power and upgradeability at competitive prices.

Our solutions are based on products from leading manufacturers in their respective product areas. We are always early with the latest technology, but also offer products with established technology and longevity. We particularly emphasize that our products are compatible with open source operating systems. Our technicians possess high technical expertise and have many years of experience in sales of customized solutions.


Nextron AS

Gunnar Schjelderups vei 9
N-0485 OSLO

TLF: +47 21 60 30 90


Ankdammsgatan 35
17167 SOLNA

TLF: +46 08 559 346 00

Nextron AS, Suomen sivuliike

Latokartanontie 7 B, 4. krs
00700 Helsinki

TLF: +358 10 841 1010

Nextron ApS

Herlufsholmvej 37
2720 Vanløse

TLF: +45 7010 3700

Tel: (+47) 21 60 30 90

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9.00-17.00 CET

Sales: sales@nextron.no

Support: support@nextron.no

Returns: rma@nextron.no

VAT number: NO 982168635 MVA

We sell to both resellers and end users.

There are separate conditions for resellers. Reseller status is granted upon application to companies that have resale of computer equipment as their business. We also have separate agreements for consultants and affiliate merchants. Contact us for more information.


Buy Safely

5 year warranty

On all complete servers and workstations, we provide 5 year warranty. The guarantee applies to all defects that occur during the warranty period, which has not occurred due incorrect or careless treatment. For batteries applies 2 years warranty. For Desktop and Cloud Storage Hard Drives the manufacturer's warranty applies.

Component Replacement

The default way of repair is component replacement. This means that on the same day as we receive the defect notification, we ship the replacement, so that it arrives the next day. This is especially convenient for those who have their own technical department that can easily replace components such as a hard drive or a power supply.

"On-site" service

We offer on-site service, down to 4-hour response time most places in Norway and Sweden. You may choose this as an option when ordering.

Free support

Support via email and telephone is free for the entire life of the machine. Support is provided by our own qualified technicians.

Delivery Guarantee

We know you want the goods as soon as possible. Items in stock will be shipped the same day if ordered before 4 pm. If we do not send the goods when we have promised, you get free shipping.


- Delivery to your door

We deliver throughout Norway and Sweden. In the Oslo and Stockholm areas we send by courier. In urgent cases, we can also use air shipment or other forms of express delivery.


- Credit

Credit is granted companies after a credit evaluation. We bill in cooperation with Sparebank 1 Factoring.

- Rental for business customers

We offer leasing for public and corporate customers. If you choose to rent IT equipment, your business can use your capital for core business and get improved liquidity.

Please contact us for prices!

Conditions of sale


All prices are listed as exclusive of VAT. Prices are subject to change without notice due to changes in our suppliers' prices, changes in exchange rates etc. Prices can however not be changed after the order is manually verified by our salesman. Shipping charges are not included. We are not responsible For typographical errors.


Damages arising from faulty goods is limited to the purchase price. Nextron AS can not be helt liable for costs the customer has suffered due to delayed delivery, product defects or the like.

Returns and Service Conditions


All returns must be arranged with Nextron in advance and reported using the return form on the WEB. All authorized returns will be assigned a return number. Shipping Costs in connection with the return is covered by the customer except if the customer recieved a wrong or faulty product. Goods shipped to Nextron without a return number, will be returned to sender.


For complete servers and workstations a five-year warranty applies. Repair Type depends on the selected option when purchasing. The default is "defect part replacement" where Nextron advance delivers a defect replacement and the customer replaces the defective part themselves. If "On-site" is selected, a technician will begin troubleshooting at the customer's location within the response time chosen.

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