Nvidia Elite Partner

Nextron is Nvidia Tesla Preferred Partner

Nextron has achieved Nvidia Elite Partner status!

Nextron is the only Nvidia Elite Partner in the Nordic countries. We are certified to sell all professional Nvidia solutions, including:

    • Quadro graphics cards and complete Quadro workstations for visualization
    • Tesla graphics cards for datacentre use, such HPC and VDI
    • DGX family supercomputers for AI and Deep Learning.

What is GPU Computing?

GPU Computing utilizes a graphics processing unit in collaboration with the Central Processing Unit. A CPU has few powerful cores suitable for performing tasks in series, while a GPU has many smaller cores designed to perform many tasks in parallel. Programs can be written to relieve the CPU by making the GPU do the repeating and time-consuming tasks, while the general commands still are performed by the CPU. The result is that the tasks are being done much faster.

Which tasks are suited for GPU computing?

GPU computing is suited for calculations that's repeated a lot of times, like:

    • Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning.
    • Research and scientific analytics
    • CAD / CAM and similar engineer tasks
    • Financial calculations
    • «Big Data» tasks, like deep learning
    • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) – workstations in the datacentre


Nextron can deliver both servers and workstations designed for GPU Computing:
Nextron GPU servers
Nextron Workstations
Nvidia DGX supercomputers

List of applications with official support for GPU Computing:
- Eksternal link -

NVIDIA has gathered some tools and tips for utilizing GPU Computing for a number of special-designed software for developers on this website:
- Eksternal link -

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