Nextron ScienceStation

Nextron ScienceStation

Get started with AI and deep learning with a NVIDIA certified Data Science Workstation from Nextron!

Nextron ScienceStation is a purpose built Data Science Workstations for AI and deep learning tasks. The solution provides is tested and is certified by NVIDIA for use with most commonly used deep learning applications. Nextron ScienceStation provides an efficient way to get started with AI, and is the perfect platform to perform proof of concept testing before investing in full-scale AI solutions such as Nvidia DGX systems.

System specification

  • Preinstalled with Linux Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and containers for commonly used AI and deep learning applications. Dual boot with Windows available as an option.
  • Memory: From 96GB DDR4 ECC error correcting RAM. Options available for expansion up to 1024 GB
  • GPUS: 2x Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000, 6000 or 8000 connected with a high speed NVLink bridge.
  • Storage: 1TB of NVME flash storage. 8 free 3,5'' hotswap diskbays available, so storage capacity can be increased significantly with a combination of HHD and SSD.
  • 5 year Nextron warranty and lifetime support on hardware.

Configure your Nextron ScienceStation here.

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