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Spectra Verde DPE

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Product description

Verde DPE is a Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR)-based Network Attached Storage (NAS) disk platform that delivers high density bulk storage. Engineered for data reliability and integrity, Spectra's unique implementation of ZFS software RAID combined with the newest disk technology brings new life to long-term storage - Verde DPE.

Verde DPE is purpose built for:

  • Digital Preservation for Enterprise
  • Bulk Storage/Archive
  • Unstructured Data
  • Large Files
  • Random Reads
  • Bulk Deletes
  • Infrequent Changes

Master Node:
Capacity: 200TB RAW Storage
Connectivity: 2x10Gb Ethernet
Dimensions: W:437mm D:699mm H: 4U
Expansion nodes:
Capacity: Up to 800TB in 200TB increments
Dimensions: W:437mm D:1016mm H: 4U

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